Across Europe children are at risk from many forms of violence. Working together across professions and across borders is vital to protecting children.  Child Circle helps make this happen.  

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Child Circle is a centre of expertise which supports policy makers and practitioners in their work to protect children.

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Collaborating with partners, contributing knowledge and connecting European and national actors are at the centre of our work.

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We all can work to ensure children’s rights to protection from violence are fulfilled in Europe.

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When I ask you about the definition of child protection in Europe, what comes in mind at first? You probably would think of protecting weak children against ‘the bad’, but that is a very wrong way of putting it. Child protection must be based in respecting children’s rights and their capability. An often-made misconception from… Read More

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In judicial proceedings where a child is separated – or at risk of separation – from their parents, there is a real risk that their situation is not properly addressed.  Since January 2016, the Separated Children in Judicial Proceedings project has aimed to generate a more child-centred approach in cases involving separated children, through exchange… Read More

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The World Congress on Justice for Children will be held 28 – 30 May in Paris. Focus will be on children’s involvement in violent extremism, reducing juvenile offending and recidivism, and improving protection mechanisms for vulnerable children. Under the haut-patronage of UNESCO, this World Congress on Justice for Children will be held from 28-30 May… Read More

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