Who We Work With

Who does our work support?

Child Circle projects support judges, lawyers, doctors, social professionals, human rights organisations, policy makers, IGOs, NGOs and academics in over twenty countries in Europe.


We work with many different partners through our projects. These include the Council of the Baltic Sea States, Defence for Children International, Missing Children Europe, Nidos, PICUM, Terre des Hommes and the AIRE Centre.

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Other organisations and stakeholders

Child Circle also works on individual initiatives with international and regional organisations and NGOs in their work on child protection at European level.

This recently includes work with Child Helpline International, the Frontex Consultative Forum and the Child Protection Hub in South East Europe. We are currently carrying out a study for the Council of Europe and supporting the work of Council of Baltic Sea States on corporal punishment.

Child Circle is a non-profit organisation and works on public interest projects and initiatives only. It does not offer commercial services.





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