Practical Tools

The European Barnahus Standards provide a common 2017_06_07_GoodPractice_cover_Barnahus_A4-3mm_print_A[1]operational and organisational framework that promotes practices which prevents retraumatisation, while securing valid testimonies for Court, and complies with children’s rights to protection, assistance and child-friendly justice. (June 2017)


2017_06_07_GoodPractice_cover_Compendium_A4-3mm_print_A[1]The PROMISE Compendium on Law and Guidance: European and International instruments concerning Child Victims and Witnesses of Violence provides a comprehensive view of the legal framework and authoritative guidance concerning the rights of child victims and witnesses across the EU, Council of Europe and United Nations (UN). (June 2017)




The PROMISE Advocacy Guidance aims to help you develop national and regional advocacy strategies to promote progress on Barnahus. (June 2017)



Read more about the PROMISE resources Promoting Barnahus Through Practical Tools



The SUMMIT Handbook’s aims to stimulate and disseminate practices on how to better cooperate in prevention, response and after care of missing unaccompanied Children. (April 2016)

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The My Lawyer My Rights partners and experts are working on producing reports and Tools, which are uploaded on My Lawyer My Rights Output page



Coming soon

New training materials for legal and social professionals involved in justice proceedings concerning separated children, available in first quarter 2018. See the Separated Children in Judicial Proceedings project.

Accreditation standards and training concerning guardians for unaccompanied children, available in 2018-2019.  See ProGuard project.

Other resources and publications

Child Circle contributes to resources and publications of interest.

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