The PROMISE project aims at promoting child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services for child victims and witnesses of violence, providing them with access to justice, avoiding re-victimization and ensuring high professional standards for recovery.

The project draws on international and European law and guidance and the Barnahus model, and similar models such as the Children’s Advocacy Centers, which embrace cooperation between social services, police, prosecutors, judges, pediatrics and child/adolescent psychiatry in one place.

Visit the project website to find out more about the activities in PROMISE.

What is a Barnahus?

PROMISE is managed by the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat (Children at Risk Unit). Partners include the Child Circle, Verwey-Jonker Institute, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Trauma Unit and Barnahus in Iceland, Linköping and Stockholm. It also builds on the expertise of prominent specialists in law, sociology, pediatrics, psychology and psychiatry from different European countries.

A key role of Child Circle in this project was to develop resources on good practice, law and guidance and advocacy. Child Circle also supported the implementation and coordination of the project.

Promoting Barnahus through practical tools


A second phase of the PROMISE project will aim to support activities at national level.

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