Initiative on Children in Migration


The Initiative for Children in Migration is an informal collaboration among NGOs and IGOs who have been deeply involved in joint advocacy work around EU law and policy concerning children in migration for several years. The initiative advocates for a comprehensive rights-based approach to the rights and protection of children in migration, alongside other policy and practice recommendations to address specific child rights challenges.

The initiative works to align a range of migration, asylum and child protection advocacy actors from European and national levels around shared policy recommendations and effectively communicate these recommendations to policy-makers and other stakeholders, responding to opportunities and through proactive agenda-setting, with a view to influencing EU Member States and Institutions in the medium to long term.

An opportunity to step up activities within the initiative has been secured through funding from the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) and the H&M Foundation for the development of resources aiming to strengthen coordination, alignment and capacity of a wide range of actors engaged with the protection of migrant and refugee children and youth.

Focal points for coordination of this action are Child Circle, Missing Children Europe, PICUM and Terre des Hommes, alongside others leading the development of resources on specific issues.



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