Upcoming Launch of Two New European Projects for Unaccompanied Children and Child Victims of Violence

Two new projects, ProGuard and PROMISE II, co-funded by the EU and in which Child Circle is a partner, will commence this autumn. ProGuard will start in October 2017, led by Nidos in the Netherlands.   Guardianship for unaccompanied children in migration is a vital support and protection for them and should be part of every… Read More

Supporting Child Centred Justice for Separated Children in Migration

On October 19th and 20th, the Separated Children in Judicial Proceedings project held a mutual learning & training event amongst legal practitioners, professionals & organisations working on litigation concerning separated children in migration. In closing, Child Circle talked about the lines the English poet, WH Auden, wrote about a painting in the Beaux Arts museum… Read More

Towards a European network of guardians for unaccompanied children in migration

On October 6, the European Commission and representatives from Member States, EU agencies, IGOs and NGOs working on issues concerning guardianship met to explore the development of a European network of guardians, as anticipated in the Commission Communication on the protection of children in migration. Child Circle is very supportive of the development of a… Read More

Towards More Effective Litigation Strategies for Migrant Children in Europe

Across Europe, cases involving separated children in migration are coming before the courts. Asylum seekers or trafficked, or separated from family and at risk, their cases often concern complex factual circumstances and sensitive legal issues, such as age assessment, detention, appropriate reception conditions and access to guardians.  International fora, such as the European Court of… Read More