Campaign 2019

This year, support us in our work to protect children from violence! 

With your generous donation, we will continue and expand our work with professionals and policy makers across Europe to protect children against violence in 2019.  Read our Campaign 2019_Christmas Letter

We thank you in advance for your generous contribution! Every donation makes a difference and takes us one step closer to better protecting children in Europe. 

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How will your donation to us help children?

Girl On Bed With FearA 13-year-old girl has been sexually abused by her uncle’s friend and she has finally found the courage to tell a teacher. Your donation will contribute to training and tools that help police officers, social workers, legal professionals and health professionals work together to prevent further trauma to the girl during criminal proceedings and to get her and her family the right assistance.


Lonely Girl In The CityA 14-year-old girl has disappeared from foster care in a town on the French border with Belgium.  Her guardian fears she has fallen prey to traffickers who are working in the region. Your donation will contribute to training that ensures law enforcement and child protection actors work together and can respond rapidly to locate and help the girl.


Fear Children Hand Cover Face, Imprison, Retarded, Child AbuseA 16-year-old boy, who has dropped out of school and has difficult family circumstances has been accused of taking part of a shop robbery. He is detained and awaiting court proceedings. Your donation will support us to ensure that his circumstances are considered properly before, during and after trial and to get him on the right track.


Homeless person,Poverty issue concept and ideas backgroundA 14-year-old boy who has travelled alone from Eritrea to Italy. He is homeless and wants to join his brother in Sweden. Your donation will help us support guardians and lawyers to work together so that the boy receives adequate support, care and legal advice.

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