Non-violent Childhoods

To raise attention to the fact that it is possible to change policies, attitudes and behaviours, the Council of the Baltic Sea States organised a high-level conference on implementing the prohibition of corporal punishment in November. The conference was co-hosted by the Government of Sweden and in cooperation with the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children.

Six new reports to promote progress to help States to implement a legal ban on physical and humiliating punishment were launched at the conference.

Read more about the Non-violent Childhood project and the tools here

Child Circle is proud to have supported the development of two reports for the non-violent childhoods project:

Parenting for non-violent childhoods: Positive parenting to achieve an end to corporal punishment.

This guidance report takes as its starting point a discussion of how parenting has evolved in a changing world. It looks at what positive parenting is and provides a brief overview of universal, indicative and selective initiatives. The key principles that guide initiatives to promote positive parenting are introduced. The guidance report concludes with recommendations to guide States in selecting positive parenting initiatives, drawing in particular on the experience of countries in the Baltic Sea Region.

Building supportive societies for non-violent childhoods: Awareness-raising campaigns to achieve an end to corporal punishment.

This guidance report looks at the different types of campaigns and actions that can be used to generate more aware and supportive societies, ultimately helping to bring about a shift away from corporal punishment towards non-violent parenting. It takes as its starting point a short discussion of awareness-raising and campaigning in a changing world before taking a closer look at the cornerstones of generating social transformation and changing individual behaviours. The guidance report concludes with an overview of recommendations for actors who wish to raise awareness and campaign on the issue of corporal punishment in order to change attitudes and practice in support of non-violent childhoods.

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