Upcoming Launch of Two New European Projects for Unaccompanied Children and Child Victims of Violence

Two new projects, ProGuard and PROMISE II, co-funded by the EU and in which Child Circle is a partner, will commence this autumn.

ProGuard will start in October 2017, led by Nidos in the Netherlands.   Guardianship for unaccompanied children in migration is a vital support and protection for them and should be part of every European national system. The ProGuard project will enable member states further to professionalise the work of their guardians and the protection systems they are part of, thus further improving the outcomes for the children in the system. It will involve the establishment of a European accreditation system as well as capacity building resources.

PROMISE II, led by the Council of Baltic Sea States, is a continuation of the PROMISE project, which developed practical tools and facilitated mutual exchange and learning to promote interagency and multidisciplinary services for child victims and witnesses of violence.

PROMISE II has a strong focus on national level implementation. The partners will work in 11 European countries to develop, promote and facilitate:

  • Active use of the PROMISE resources, including the Barnahus Quality Standards and the Tracking Tool
  • National roundtables, dialogue, roadmaps, frameworks and agreements for the establishment of services for child victims and witnesses of violence (Barnahus)
  • Tailor-made training for Barnahus staff
  • European-level network engagement through webinars and chats
  • Judicial sector workshops
  • A methodology for gathering the perspectives of Children on the operation and impact of Barnahus services
  • Expanding visibility and outreach to promote the Barnahus model in Europe and globally

What is a Barnahus? Read more



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